Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Finding some sort of order: Fridge Makeover

Ahhhh- don't you hate how messy your fridge can get- I have always wanted a cute and organized fridge. I made cute magnets to hold up my stuff but it is still a mess. 
So I made one small attempt- I am crossing my fingers that it will help and I will just get better at not putting everything on my fridge or even worse- on top of it.
 So here is my attempt- First I took everything off- and threw stuff away! Next I glued ribbon (with permission from my husband- I think I could just rip it off if I wanted to) on the freezer portion of my fridge to organize the random things on my fridge. Also I made a little pocket to put all our coupons in instead of using a magnet for each one. And lastly- I cleaned off the top of my fridge (if you look closely in this picture it still has junk on it- but was cleaned after the photo was taken)!
YAY- Success!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Kitchen decor

 These are my old "EAT" phrase letters that used to be in our apartment. Now with our new place they just don't fit, so its time for new color schemes. This is an easy project and I like the look of letters and phrases. My husband, kinda thinks its weird, but oh well.

Step One: Choose your word or phrase and buy some letters. I bought mine at Micheal's and also I bought some cheap scrap-booking paper that matched my new yellow kitchen.

Step two: Trace the letters on the back on the paper, make sure that you trace it the right way so when your turn the paper over the letter won't be upside down (uhhhh, I hope that makes sense).

Step 3: Paint the sides of the letters and some of the top, you don't have to paint the whole letter since you will put the paper down on the top. Let it dry (it takes some time). 

Step 4: While your paint is drying, cut out your letters! and then wait some more.

Step 5: Once the paint is dry now it is time for mod podging. Paint the top of the letters with mod podge and then place the paper letters on the top. Use some more mod podge and paint the top of the letters again with the scrapbooking paper on. Now more waiting! 

Step 6: Once it is dry, choose the spot and hang up your phrase!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Before and After: Living Room Makeover

House Makeover Part 2: Living Room

Here is a pic of our old living room: old tv entertainment center that took up one whole wall, barely any seating, and our bookcase but black.

 TA DA! Here is our new one- I love it. We painted one wall Robust Raisin and than the others a lighter shade of that color. Also new couch, new tv, new entertainment center, and our bookcase that went through 40 hours of sanding and removing painting to now nice and stained.

One of my favorite parts of the room, vinyl and felted circle wreath made from old sweaters.

Don't you just love lounging in a room that you put some much work in?

Monday, May 2, 2011

Knit bow tutorial

 Ever wonder what to do with your left over yarn after you knit a hat or scarf, well here is a idea for you and one of my favorite accessories!

 Materials needed:
size 7 knitting needles
some left over yarn- very small amount

CO 12 stitches (if you want it bigger than pictured, cast on some more!)

Knit 10 rows (if you want you bow extra long than knit more- just make sure you remember how many rows you knit)
 After knitting your 10 rows now it is time to decrease. It is important that you decrease in the middle of the bow- not at the ends! knit 5 stitches than knit 2tog. knit another row and than continue the decrease until you have 8-9 stitches left.
 After you decrease it is time to increase again. You will need to increase the same amount that you decreased. For example I decreased 3 stitches so I had a total of 9 left and so I need to increase by 3 so I will end up with my original 12. The best way to increase is to K1FB. Knit one row and then continue increasing every other row.
 Knit 10 more rows (or however many rows you knit before decreasing). Then cast off!
 After you sew the ends into the back of your bow (very important), cut some extra yarn to wrap around your bow (about 20 inches). Tie it in a knot around the back of the bow. Make sure to have one short end and then the long end you will use to wrap around your bow.
 Wrap your yarn around the bow as much as you like or until you are left with about 4 inches.
 Tie the to ends of the yarn together in a knot and then weave ends in.
 TA DA! Now you have a super cute bow to wear in your hair, or attach to your sweater or even your purse!
 Questions or problems- email me
Like the look but don't knit, check out some bows at my shop.