Monday, July 25, 2011

3,2,1, Craft- Tshirt makeover

Don't you just love rosettes? I love making headbands or adding them to shower curtains so when I saw this, I knew I could do something similar or close to it. 
So starting my search and thinking how I was going to making rosettes look that good, I stumbled upon some of this at JoAnn's with their ribbon.

Rosettes in a nice lacy chain and a decent price (especially if you have a 50% coupon)! I think I bought about a half yard of it.

Ok so here is my sewing project I worked on today- super fast and super cute!
What I started with:

and then this is what I did:
Lay out your rosettes and pin them onto your tshirt.

Then time to sew! I sewed them on by hand, sewing first on the inside edge of the rosettes and next sewing on the outside edge. You could maybe use a sewing machine if you have a nice one that would work well, but I didn't trust mine to do the job. 
and TA DA! 

Maybe if you're lucky I will post a pic of me wearing it when it is not dark out and I don't look such a mess. P.S. Stay tuned to see what I do with the leftover couple inches.

Edit: (note the sun was in my eyes). p.s. I started with v-neck and it kinda turned into more of a scoop neck after I added on the rosettes.

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Knit flower tutorial

A knit flower is a perfect addition to a headband, earwarmer, or just to wear in your hair!
What you need
yarn (small but good amount)
knitting needles (I usually use size 7)
needle to sew in your ends
Cast on a large amount of stitches, I usually cast on over 80 atleast for a good size flower. 
1. Knit one row
2. K1, K2 tog and repeat until end of row.
Continue this pattern until you have under 15-20 stitches. next row repeat row #2, next row K2 tog for the whole row. continue this until you have under 8 stitches. Cut yarn and pull yarn through with needle. Make sure to leave about 6 inches. Your flower is not complete, next you will have to wrap up the flower to make it look like a flower shape. Sew together to maintain the flower shape. Add the embellishment of your choice and Ta Da!  A knit flower!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Little knits

Since I don't have any of my own little ones yet, I enjoy making little knits for others little ones.
Here are some new baby/toddler/children knits available in my shop:

Interested in a tutorial or pattern for one of this items? Leave a comment and let me know! 

Monday, July 11, 2011

Bathroom Shelf Makeover

When you live in a tiny trailer- there is not a lot of room for storage or basically no room! So what to do? For my bathroom I decided I was in desperate need of some help- I found this old shelf from my in-laws (hopefully they aren't missing it) and decided I could use it. But the stars and moons don't really match my decor soo much.

So first I used some scrapbooking paper (after spending like 20 minutes in Michaels trying to decide what color would match or whether I should get three different colors). Since the length of what I was trying to cover up is longer than the paper, I had to cut it and try to match it up the best I could.

Then use some handy dandy modge podge and glue your paper onto the back of the shelf. Add all pieces to cover up the entire back part.

Ta Da! Now you have a shelf that you can use and more storage! Come back soon to see a post featuring my total bathroom makeover. And some goodies I found at a local antique shop to go on my shelf!