Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Finding some sort of order: Fridge Makeover

Ahhhh- don't you hate how messy your fridge can get- I have always wanted a cute and organized fridge. I made cute magnets to hold up my stuff but it is still a mess. 
So I made one small attempt- I am crossing my fingers that it will help and I will just get better at not putting everything on my fridge or even worse- on top of it.
 So here is my attempt- First I took everything off- and threw stuff away! Next I glued ribbon (with permission from my husband- I think I could just rip it off if I wanted to) on the freezer portion of my fridge to organize the random things on my fridge. Also I made a little pocket to put all our coupons in instead of using a magnet for each one. And lastly- I cleaned off the top of my fridge (if you look closely in this picture it still has junk on it- but was cleaned after the photo was taken)!
YAY- Success!


  1. Looks neater love the ribbon color!

  2. I spy my baby boy =)

    Fridge looks nice and organized!!