Monday, July 11, 2011

Bathroom Shelf Makeover

When you live in a tiny trailer- there is not a lot of room for storage or basically no room! So what to do? For my bathroom I decided I was in desperate need of some help- I found this old shelf from my in-laws (hopefully they aren't missing it) and decided I could use it. But the stars and moons don't really match my decor soo much.

So first I used some scrapbooking paper (after spending like 20 minutes in Michaels trying to decide what color would match or whether I should get three different colors). Since the length of what I was trying to cover up is longer than the paper, I had to cut it and try to match it up the best I could.

Then use some handy dandy modge podge and glue your paper onto the back of the shelf. Add all pieces to cover up the entire back part.

Ta Da! Now you have a shelf that you can use and more storage! Come back soon to see a post featuring my total bathroom makeover. And some goodies I found at a local antique shop to go on my shelf!

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