Monday, July 18, 2011

Knit flower tutorial

A knit flower is a perfect addition to a headband, earwarmer, or just to wear in your hair!
What you need
yarn (small but good amount)
knitting needles (I usually use size 7)
needle to sew in your ends
Cast on a large amount of stitches, I usually cast on over 80 atleast for a good size flower. 
1. Knit one row
2. K1, K2 tog and repeat until end of row.
Continue this pattern until you have under 15-20 stitches. next row repeat row #2, next row K2 tog for the whole row. continue this until you have under 8 stitches. Cut yarn and pull yarn through with needle. Make sure to leave about 6 inches. Your flower is not complete, next you will have to wrap up the flower to make it look like a flower shape. Sew together to maintain the flower shape. Add the embellishment of your choice and Ta Da!  A knit flower!


  1. Your hair bands are darling. I would love for my daughter to wear one of these.
    I will have to share your link with her. Liked you on FB and joined you on GFC. Hop by my blog a check out the Sundae Scoop.

    Patricia aka Mamaw

  2. Love this flower and used it for a hat I knit for my daughter. I have a pattern question: When you say "continue this pattern," do you mean continue with K1, K2tog? Or are you knitting a row after you K1, K2tog? Thanks for your help!